Responses to working at Kienbaum

What documents do I need for my application?

For an application to be complete, we need a letter of application, your resumé, university entrance certificate (Abitur) and study or degree certificate and relevant employment records. If you are interested in an internship, you should also, along with a declaration of interest, indicate when you would like the internship to begin, how long you would like it to last, and which areas are of particular importance to you.

What format can my application documents take?

We offer you the option to submit your application on-line. Contained in each job posting is a direct link to our application portal. You will be guided through the steps of our application form and can easily and conveniently upload your records and documents. Our recruiting team will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Are there application deadlines that must be met?

There are no application deadlines, since we accept interns and hire advisors continuously throughout the year. Nevertheless, you should send us your documentation ideally two to three months prior to the anticipated start of your internship/employment.

What is the application process?

Once your documents have been submitted, you will receive our acknowledgment of receipt in writing or by telephone. Our first meeting will take place via a telephone interview. Promising candidates will be subsequently invited to a face-to-face personal interview at one of our sites. This is followed by an individual assessment and more in-depth interviews.

Whom is Kienbaum seeking?

We are interested in people who, in addition to demonstrating above-average success in university degree studies (masters or diploma studies), can also show evidence of initial experience related to consultancy with leading companies. Besides strong determination and a client-oriented focus, you will also have excellent analytical and conceptual skills and a high level of social competence demonstrated in relevant internships and/or projects. Moreover, you will have impressive team skills, a high degree of self-initiative and an outstanding ability to cope with pressure.

How long does an internship last?

As a rule, an internship lasts from three to six months. In exceptional cases, the internship can be reduced to two months.

What happens after the internship?

Outstanding interns will be accepted into our intern retention program, “students@kienbaum”. By accepting such students into the program, we ensure that our contact with first-class and superior interns remains active following the end of the internship.

Can I write a bachelors/masters or diploma thesis while at Kienbaum?

In principle, we offer you the opportunity to write a final thesis during your internship with us. But this option does not exist outside the internship program and should be prearranged with the respective department. It is best if you specifically indicate in your application letter that you wish to write your final thesis during the internship period. We will be happy to review opportunities with you!

How can I apply to work at a Kienbaum office abroad?

If you are interested in a Kienbaum office in another country, you should send your application directly to the respective office. You will find a list of addresses of our international offices here.

Is there a trainee program at Kienbaum?

Our term for a practice-oriented career start is “training on the job”: Young consultants come directly on board with us as junior consultants. You can expect an intensive period in which you will experience constant development as you grow through your tasks. From the first day onward, you will take on responsibility and face considerable challenges.

What does Kienbaum offer degree holders?

We offer degree holders multifaceted glimpses into the world of corporate consultancy, independent and responsible work in connection with projects, an attractive salary, first-class continuing and advanced training opportunities and substantive development and career prospects.

What advanced training opportunities does Kienbaum offer?

Our employees are actively supported, and they receive opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge through participation in national and international training and coaching sessions as well as by receiving feedback and quality assessments. Beyond this, the Kienbaum Academy offers customized programs to build specialized and cross-specialization competencies.

What does a typical day at Kienbaum look like?

A consultant’s daily work routine at Kienbaum varies according to the area and the project. While consultants in HR projects frequently manage several comparatively small and short projects simultaneously and visit various clients during the week, there are also strategic and implementation projects that call on the consultants to spend five days per week with the client over a period of several months. What Kienbaum offers here is the diversity that can be experienced in both projects and topics.

What characterizes the working atmosphere at Kienbaum?

The working atmosphere is very personal, cooperative and informal. Due to the flat hierarchy and senior team structure, very good learning and development options exist even for young advisors.

What are the opportunities for promotion at Kienbaum?

Kienbaum offers its employees the chance for rapid promotion. With excellent performance, an employee’s own spectrum of duties and responsibilities can be very quickly expanded – in this structure, performance criteria that are critical to individual careers are transparent and adapted to the particular position level.