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The next successful step in your career: Have Kienbaum provide professional support for your career change! For you as a board member, director, executive or senior specialist, we are the best option when you want to take the next step in your career.

Customization is important to us, and we only contact you after our detailed review of your profile convinces us that a currently open position may be an excellent match for your career path. Place your informational profile in our Kienbaum database so that we may regularly check it against our clients’ current candidate searches. At the same time, you can actively apply for top positions with national and international firms. Are you ready? If so, go directly to This is where you will find the job offers we have been commissioned to fill. Take the next step in your career by registering at our online career portal.

Kienbaum Jobs

Once you are registered, your profile will be regularly matched with the job opportunities Kienbaum has been commissioned to fillexclusively through our executive search advisory service. You will also have access to all our clients’ published openings.

Privacy of personal information is a particular focus for us due to the nature of our business. It therefore goes without saying that your data will be dependably protected and handled with the greatest care. The data you place on file with us may of course be modified or deleted by you at any time.

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